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Sydney Glass Shower Screens

A hot shower in the morning or after a long day at work is one of the most satisfying experiences that life has to offer. But far too often, a good shower is ruined by a shower curtain that flaps around uncontrollably, or worse, is covered in mold.

A glass shower screen from Glazed Co Frameless Glass is the perfect solution to the old-fashioned curtain. Not only do glass screens work like a charm without all the hassle of curtains, but the clear glass adds the illusion of so much more space to your bathroom.

Why Customers Love Our Glass Shower Screens

We’ve been custom fitting inspiring glass shower screens in Sydney for years, and customers have come to trust us as a reliable name in home glass decor solutions. Here are a few of the reasons your neighbors are choosing Glazed Co.

Made To Measure

Made to Measure

When you buy a do-it-yourself shower screen “kit” from a wholesaler, you’re bound to end up with gaps in installation. That’s why every Glazed Co shower screen is custom fit to account for any rakes in your walls or floor. Despite custom fitting, we still get the job done incredibly fast. From the date of check measure to installation, your new shower screen will be complete within 7 to 10 days.

Reliable Materials

Reliable Materials

Everything we use is crafted according to the highest standards. From the hardware to the metal fixtures to the glass, we don’t scrimp on quality. We’re so sure that your shower screen will provide you with a lifetime of excellent showers that our screens are backed with a 10 year warranty, just like every other product we offer.

Frameless Glass Shower Screens Sydney

A frameless glass shower screen is the perfect addition to any bathroom. You’ll love the illusion of extra space added by a completely clear surface instead of a dull shower curtain. Or, opt for a frosted or textured surface to give a little bit more personality to your washroom.

Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Screens Sydney

Semi-frameless glass shower screens are great for anyone who wants the added space of a glass screen but still wants some measure of frame to add contrast between the shower and the rest of the bathroom.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures Sydney

If you love the idea of having a glass shower but still want to be able to completely separate the shower space from the rest of the bathroom, a frameless glass shower enclosure is the perfect fit for you.

Frameless Glass Sliding Shower Screens Sydney

A glass enclosure is great, but a hinged door can take up a lot of real estate when opened, and in smaller bathrooms it’s just not practical at all. For these situations, a frameless glass sliding shower screen provides the separation of an enclosed shower without devouring the floor space with a swinging door.

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Take your showers in style with frameless glass shower screens. Add space to your bathroom that you never knew was there and treat yourself to a fresh, modern look every time you hop through the shower.

Contact Glazed Co today to learn more about how we’ve been designing glass shower screens in Sydney to breathe new life into old bathrooms.

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