Shower Screens

Let the water fall. A cascade of glass in a frameless shower screen creates the illusion of space in any bathroom. See how Frameless shower screens create a bathroom that oozes timeless luxury and style. Increase the feeling of space in your bathroom.

There is something about the simplicity of many design elements in the bathroom that can create a strong appearance. The Frameless shower screen adds this element to your bathroom, but it still allows you to see through it to view the shower itself. This will allow your guests to admire your exquisite tile and hardware while at the same time providing them with privacy when needed.

Our Values

Good design begins with the right combination of materials and a master craftsman’s ability to put them together. Shower enclosures are no exception. It is for this reason that Glazed Co. is passionate about providing a shower enclosure that is custom made to perfectly fit your space.


Premium Quality Materials

At Glazed Co safety is paramount above all else. We only use premium quality AAA-rated safety glass and 2205 marine grade stainless steel hardware for all our frameless glass fencing installations to match the elegant design with superior durability.



Have the confidence in your investment with Glazed Co. All glass fencing installations backed with a 10-year structural guarantee.



All of our licensed glass fencing specialist have a minimum of 10 years experience within the industry

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