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Glass splashbacks

Although many people tend to consider glass splashbacks from the point of view of style and design, there are other, more practical benefits to glass splashbacks for kitchens. Of all the rooms in the house one of the most important to keep hygienically clean is the kitchen, with food preparation for all the family requiring good cleanliness and effective hygiene.

Unfortunately some kitchen work surfaces and splashbacks tend to make this task more difficult, providing ideal breeding grounds for bacteria. This in turn can easily transfer to utensils and food, and ultimately to people. Veneered worktops for example are very prone to peeling and chipping, and because veneer surfaces are generally only available in short widths, the joins between the sections are also prone to providing breeding grounds for germs.

Glass splashbacks

For homeowners looking for an easy, quick change to their kitchen or bathroom, glass splashbacks provide and bold change with relatively little effort. Most homeowners will find the splashbacks will dramatically modernize the area. Whatever material you choose, an update to any room will not only add value to the area, but help draw the eye away from other areas.

An Inviting Room

There are several options when considering how to modernize an area and make it more open and welcoming to guests. Splashbacks will not only modernize a workable space, but provide an area that it presentable and inviting. Splashbacks usually start at the sink or stove and run up the entire ceiling. Therefore, there’s no getting around the pop of a modern splashback.

What Makes It Modern?

The material. Older splashbacks were made of kitchen tile or old granite. While functionally, this works just fine, the area may still look drab. To bring a splashback to life many homeowners choose stainless steel for both the functionality (they will never corrode or rust) and modern feel (in this case, many commercial kitchens use stainless steel). .

Advantages with Glass splashbacks

>. Glass reflects light
>. Enhances visual appeal
>. Creates an illusion of space
>. For a homely feel

Tiles may well be wipe clean, but the grout in between the tiles isn’t, and this fairly rough surface can easily offer a wealth of small places for millions of bacteria to grow. Even if you use a silicone based water resistant grout alternative such as is often used in bathrooms, this doesn’t always provide a perfectly smooth and uniform surface, and is still able to harbour germs and bacteria.

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Other porous surfaces include granite, which also offers chips, cracks and natural fissures which make keeping it hygienically clean is very difficult. In fact when compared to any alternative kitchen surface, glass splashbacks offer the best all round hygiene. Glass splashbacks for kitchens can be created as a single piece of glass, which means that unlike with most alternatives there are no joins, seams or gaps.

Glass splashbacks are very easy to keep clean, and this is important because often it can be difficult to adequately clean a splashback because of its position. Trying to clean a vertical surface whilst leaning over a horizontal surface is difficult, and if you have to scrub quite hard it can be uncomfortable, leading to many people simply ‘making do’. A glass splashback can simply be sprayed with a suitable cleaner, and then wiped. The surface is so smooth that food simply slides off easily.

Other benefits:

1. Style statement: Glass splashbacks is not only a multi utility design but also a style statement. It provides a rich look for the otherwise dull walls of the kitchen.

2. Enhances illumination: As glass reflects light, it actually increases the illumination of your kitchen. With less shadows, you will always love the brightness of the room

3. Highly resourceful: The speciality of glass splashbacks remains with its ability to adopt most of the surfaces. Even the toughest corners and edges of kitchen wall becomes an easy substrate for these splashbacks.

Glass splashbacks for kitchens have increased in popularity dramatically in the last few years, with a great deal of media exposure revealing the many advantages and benefits which glass splashbacks and glass worktops have to offer, and often at surprisingly affordable prices. Splashbacks serve three main functions, including looking attractive, protecting your walls from food and liquids, and increasing the overall hygiene of the kitchen.

Glass Splashbacks

Glass splashbacks offer a tremendous range of advantages when compared to the many alternative materials popularly used within the kitchen. Whether considering the benefits of glass splashbacks for kitchens from the point of view of appearance and style, or from the point of view of safety and hygiene, glass has qualities which cannot be matched by any other material as easily, and certainly not in a way that is as affordable.

Beauty is another advantage of glass, because of its unique ability to reflect and refract light in ways completely unmatched by any other material. Glass allows light to penetrate, and if you use glass splashbacks which have a coloured surface applied to the back, this will create a soft, coloured glow which fills the whole of the worktop or wall area, and this light will reflect back into the room, creating a feeling of light and colour. Depending on whether you use bold, bright colours such as reds and ambers or fresh, contemporary colours such as blue or green, glass splashbacks can act as a coloured mirror, helping to create a space that’s as hygienic as it is beautiful.

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